What’s In It For Me?

“What’s in it for me?” That was the question a close family member asked when my husband and I brought up the idea of a second adoption.  “Nothing is in it for you... this is a decision about what we can do for a little person who needs us.”

When I voted last week I thought along those same lines… not “What’s in it for me?” but “What’s best for our Nation?…and those little ‘persons’ who need us!”

Election results shocked millions who believed that their fellow citizens loved this nation more than themselves. Many self-described Christ-followers voted for a Political Party that supports the very worst behaviors described in the first chapter of the biblical book of Romans.

How are we to view the nation and the world after November 6th?  God has a view of mankind that is not impossible to understand.  His ways are knowable. We can cooperate with Him and have no fear for the future!

True Christ-followers can live in confidence that His Big Picture is perfect! For those who truly love Him, He has graciously offered to include us in His plans!

These are terrible and beautiful times that we live in…can Jesus’ return be far off?

The goal of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and take part in it!  The postings are strongly influenced by the opinions expressed by five of my Facebook friends.  Our profiles include: ages from 21-70, students, mothers, grandmothers, parent of a mentally impaired adult child, parent of a felon, WW2 refugee from Europe, adoptive parent, home-school moms, and one who recently got a hug from Thuomas Holopainen!

I John 5:13-15 “I write this to you who believe in the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life.  And we can be confident that He will listen to us whenever we ask Him for anything in line with His will.  And if we know He is listening when we make our request, we can be sure that He will give us what we ask for.” (NLT)


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