You Can’t Handle a CPL?

Ignorant, selfish, or just plain evil…I believe one of these is at the heart of any Obama voter this time around! We will always have the ignorant…for the other two, I have no more patience or sympathy. Perhaps a good old fashioned “shunning” is in order.

We have heard, “elections have consequences.”For the Conservative…these are beginning to pile up! American Liberals, led by President Obama, have gotten their “mandate” to crush our Constitutional rights. Which ones will go first?

This summer the United Nations continued its draft of the International Arms Trade Treaty. The ATT threatens our American Second Amendment…the individual citizen’s right to bear arms. Apparently this “worldly wise” international body has been easing into an agreement that would apply a total ban on all private weapons including self-protection handguns and ammo. Of course our President is cooperating.

Last month my 77 year old Marine mother-in-law invited me to a concealed weapons training class with 13 of her friends.This week we completed the process with paperwork, a $105 fee at the County Clerk’s office, and fingerprints at the Sheriff’s Department. Next is a visit to the upcoming Gun Show where I will purchase the appropriate holster for my 38 revolver. Sometime soon, and whenever possible I will be “packing!”

“I command you-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it!




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