Threatening Budget

By: Susan Bea Good

I recently informed my husband that he must increase the household budget or there will be heck to pay!

Expenses have risen…income has fallen. Within my area of fiscal responsibility resides both necessities and luxuries. With the budget tightening, it might seem that I should cut back on the extras, but I do not intend to participate…

Ten years ago the economy was better…incomes were rising and business was growing. Luxurious expenditures became “normal” for us. But those days are gone. The husband says I need to be reasonable, and cut down on the unnecessary spending. But I still refuse to participate…

Yesterday, I finally “put my foot down” on the husband…I demanded no cuts in spending!  “Get some more income flowing in here, and things will be fine.”  He claims that’s not possible at this time. Too bad, that’s not my problem. I’m not participating…

I’ve decided to punish the entire family until I get my way!  “There will be no homecooked meals served here until I get the budget increases I’ve demanded!” Of course I will still be checking in weekly at the nail salon, hair stylist, shopping mall, and gym.  I must have my luxuries! Too bad for my family…they’re going to have to suffer to really understand…I mean it when I say…”I will not participate!”



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