If You Only Had A Brain

By: Susan Bea Good

Poor stupid scarecrow…he didn’t have a brain.  Lots of regular people have the same problem…not that they don’t have one, they just don’t use one!

As I blog about politics and social issues I come across too many who do not think. I send many of my blogs to a new Tea Party Community.  The first month there, I was confronted with really distasteful bigots. The second month, I have encountered the “insiders” who are on an ego trip…trying desperately to take a prominent place of authority over thousands of other members.

I’m not sure if I can remain in this particular fight for a third month!  I will not quit…but may be kicked out soon.  Today one of the self-proclaimed “generals” of the site has threatened my removal.

We shall see what happens…I will continue with my “agenda” of encouraging Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and being a part of it!  Wherever I must go…

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