Send in the Calvary

Teddy Roosevelt-US Cavalry

By: Susan Bea Good

We took the grandsons to visit the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky last week. The trip included a 12 hour drive…the perfect setting for listening to an audio version of “Killing Lincoln.”  Bill O’Reilly did a great job detailing the circumstances surrounding the death of our 16th American President.  I had just one problem…

I detect that O’Reilly is a proud and fastidiuous man…which made it all the more irritating to hear him mispronounce the military word “cavalry.” It seemed like a thousand times…Calvary instead of cavalry! I’m sure this was not due to an ignorance of the language…just an error, which perpetuated itself. Why wasn’t this problem caught in the audio version before it went to production?

Some errors may be corrected before permanent damage is done…if it’s not too late!

It is getting “late” for the world…much of which are ignorant of the biblical Calvary. Even our modern American culture errs by largely ignoring or mocking the work of the Son of God on that site.

The Apostle Paul declared that all of us are accountable to God. We each have a choice to make regarding His payment-plan for sin. A failure to respond is rejection…ignorance, dismissal, and mockery will not be acceptable excuses. Jesus was clear when stating that He was, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life, (without which) no one may come to the Father…”

The time is passing…don’t be ignorant any longer…I urge you to correct any error on this matter today!

“God overlooks it as long as you don’t know any better—but that time is past. The unknown is now known, and He’s calling for a radical life-change. He has set a day when the entire human race will be judged and everything set right. And He has already appointed the Judge, confirming Him before everyone by raising Him from the dead.”(Acts 17:30-31/MSG)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it!



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