Asaph’s Call to Action

By: Susan Bea Good

Are you frustrated with evil that seems overwhelming? A biblical writer of a dozen Psalms, expressed strong frustration…with evil, and God!

Asaph…was an old man, of perhaps one hundred, when God used him to contribute to the Scriptures. Deeply affected by the idolatry of the first nation “under God”…the murder of his brother…the division of Israel, and the pagan invasion of the land…this man of God was nearly overwhelmed by evil.

Asaph dared to question God’s purpose in allowing evil and destruction to fall upon His special people.

America has been blessed by God…for a long time it seemed that we were “special” to Him. But today we have become a people that tolerate much evil…and now it seems that God is at the end of His patience…perhaps even removing His blessing.

If I were to question God’s work…I would not ask “Why?”…as it seems so very obvious why He would withdraw His blessing. I would ask, “When?”…when will He finally judge us, and the world, for the evil we have preferred over Him?

Ronald Reagan once called America, “a shining city on a hill”…Jesus’ reference of His followers’ effect on the dark world around them. We cannot say any longer that we, as a nation, shine light in a dark world. Instead today, we celebrate, exemplify, and export the violation of God’s commands to other cultures…those to whom we were once a godly example.

There can be just two expectations for us as a nation…correction or destruction. Perhaps God is correcting us through terrorism, disease, financial ruin, national weakness, and international humiliation.  We can pray that is what He is doing!  Because the alternative is the destruction of this nation and its dis-assemblage to the pagans we once recognized as unacceptable by God’s standards.

From Asaph’s time, there has always been a faithful remnant. We can be a modern-day remnant…teaching our children to honor God, calling others to action, and encouraging them to remain faithful until God’s purpose for this time is complete.

“For He established a testimony in Jacob,

And appointed a law in Israel,

Which He commanded our fathers,

That they should make them known to their children;

That the generation to come might know them,

The children who would be born,

That they may arise and declare them to their children,

That they may set their hope in God,

And not forget the works of God,

But keep His commandments;

And may not be like their fathers,

A stubborn and rebellious generation,

A generation that did not set its heart aright,

And whose spirit was not faithful to God.” (Psalm 78:5-8/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it!



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