Fall Like Goliath

By: Susan Bea Good

Two years ago I spent ten days in Israel with my husband. I felt the challenge immediately…with just six weeks to prepare to hike ten rugged miles each day.

My tremor and equilibrium troubles were just beginning then…I needed to be cautious about each step. One of the tour leaders suggested that I pass on the very first hike…which was not a good start for someone like me…used to leading trips and being among the strongest both physically and mentally.

After that first day I found the inner strength to keep up with most every other challenge. For the rest of the trip I passed up only the “extra” hikes…those that looked like sure suicide!

The trip was monumental for my husband and me…one we never expected to take in this lifetime. Many friends from church were also along, which made the times even more memorable.

There was one woman on the trip that obviously did not appreciate having me along. We had never met before. She was my age, and accompanied by her husband and three grown children. Her poorly camouflaged remarks revealed an obvious dislike of my presence. Her daughter became ill a few days into the trip…I had Cipro to share, which cured her overnight.  Even that gesture garnered a snide remark about the “need” to says thanks for my kindness.

There was once a time when I too was arrogant. God swept all cause for pride right out of my life, when my first-born son became a thief and a drug addict in his teens. Today he turned 31. He’s currently living with an alcoholic woman he met while in drug treatment last summer…just a few months before his second wife gave birth. This continuing saga of family humiliation keeps me truly lowly of heart.

It can be a rough landing for the arrogant.  Like Goliath at the strike of David’s small stone…the “big” fall hard!

Due to some misguidance, our last evening hike in Israel turned urgent. Darkness was upon us and there were still many miles of steep hillside to descend. This was especially dangerous for me, as speed was no longer my specialty. My husband was close at all times…offering his shoulder to steady me…to my surprise I didn’t stumble or fall. However, someone else took a bad step and went down like Goliath…flat on her face!

It was a humiliating situation…she was taken completely by suprise, without time to even put out her hands to break the fall. In addition, her husband seemed frozen and unable to help.

The next morning Mom was quiet around me…daughter and one son still had some comments and eye rollings…but husband had a hand to offer after that.

It’s hard to be humbled…but God promises grace to those you do it willingly.

“Toward the scorners He is scornful, but to the humble He gives favor.” (Proverbs 3:34/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it!




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