Worldview of a Crusty Canine

By: Susan Bea Good

Thirty years ago, author John Erickson developed a character named Hank. Since then the humble cowdog’s adventures have taught young and old how to best view the world.

Hank is an optimist…satisfied with having “enough”…and willing to work hard for just a pat on the head. He’s faithful to his family, loves adventure, and doesn’t worry much about how he looks to others. He enjoys travel, but loves his dirty horse blanket under the porch at home. He isn’t a rich dog or a Pedigree, but he is proud of his achievements…as they have all been earned!

Hank isn’t perfect…he’s made mistakes…some big ones!  But he doesn’t kick himself too long…he just gets back up and starts again.

I’d like to be more like Hank. I do worry about my lack of “pedigree.” I would like to be more optimistic…and less suspicious of the motives of those that seem friendly. If I were more like Hank, I’d trust those smiles and take risks more often.

I realize that Hank is a character in a book series…but anyone who has ever owned a good dog knows, this character is universally accurate!

Sometimes a cowdog can show a person a better worldview.


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