Much to Remember

By: Susan Bea Good

My husband is a funny guy…or a “Fungi”…as is the claim of one of his favorite t-shirts. He has a quirky sense of humor. When it comes to memory, he often teases that his brain is full, and needs to forget old information before accepting new.

Some things are worth remembering…and many are not funny at all. The attacks on our nation on September 11, 2001 were such a surprise, and so evil, that we all thought we would never forget.

But as it turns out, remembering accomplishes little if there is no commitment to truth and change.

Truthful recognition of a problem must precede any worthwhile actions. Remembering alone is meaningless.

Twelve years ago Muslim terrorists aimed their hatred against America’s traditional worldview. President Bush responded quickly with effective military action. However, the effort was blunted when he offered a confusing explanation of Islam and its “peaceful” foundations.

One year ago Muslims attacked us again…in Benghazi, Libya. President Obama responded immediately with a speech…neither truthful or effective. No military action has followed, no one has been arrested…except a small-time movie producer in California. The root of the Muslim hatred for America is still being masked and misunderstood.

If we are ever to effectively fight our present enemies we must acknowledge the truth about their motives. Islamic tenants include an abhorrence for Judaism and Christianity.  Like it or not, America and Israel have the same enemies…who are serious about destroying our way of life.

“Awesome is God from His sanctuary; the God of Israel—He is the one who gives power and strength to His people.” (Psalm 68:35/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.


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