Let’s Not!

By: Susan Bea Good

I’m listening to the Congressional hearing today, and Kathleen Sebelius’ answers about the disastrous Obamacare law. My own liberal State Representative, John Dingell, just finished sharing his point of view…everyone should just help make this impending disaster survivable, as best that it can be. Another Democrat scolded Republicans with a, “Just get over it!”

Let’s not!

I couldn’t help but think of a parallel with the European Jews during the Nazi take-over. They put up little defense. Even when millions were facing death, the prevailing attitude was, “Just make the best of it!”

I do not want to “make the best” out of the President’s “fundamental transformation” of our nation!

Republicans have not revealed a united strategy to overcome this very bad law. It is often suggested that we must “give and take” with Democrats. However, on this issue, Liberals will “give” nothing at all. Conservatives should do the same…accepting nothing short of a complete overturning of this law!

The Nazis Party claimed they were doing a necessary service, benefiting most people, through their “cleansing” of Europe. Why not just cooperate with a good scrubbing?…make the best of it…try to find something positive in the situation?

Let’s not cooperate with this Liberal demand to control more of our lives, forcing a corrupt, dangerous, and un american national policy on us all!

“Have those who work evil no knowledge, who eat up my people as they eat bread,
and do not call upon God?…God scatters the bones of him who encamps against you; you put them to shame, for God has rejected them.” (Psalm 50:4-5/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.


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