Core Common Sense

By: Susan Bea Good

michelle_rhee-1The first time I heard of Michelle Rhee, she was promoting Charter Schools in Washington, and courageously taking a beating from the Public School Teacher’s Unions. I liked what I heard. But I’ve been disappointed in Ms. Rhee’s subsequent promotion of the national Common Core nonsense. Her statements on the matter are as maddening as they are mistaken.

480px-Michelle_Malkin_2008_2Another Michelle has been a beacon of right thinking common sense. Michelle Malkin’s bold, brave, honest assessments of issues ranging from abortion, racism, illegal immigration, and the Common Core, have made her a kind of folk-hero of truth-telling. She too takes regular beatings from those who disagree. She doesn’t back down though, and has been able to maintain a sense of rightness that is too rare these days.

The two Michelles dissagree on the “common” points…one uses deceit in her attempts to reformulate society through bad education, and the other tells it like it really is…and just makes sense!

“Good sense wins favor, but the way of the treacherous is their ruin.” (Proverbs 13:15/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.

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