Adios for Good

Illegal Children- 6By: Susan Bea Good

I teach Spanish. One of the first things my students learn is the difference between “Good bye” and “See you later.”

“Adios” is used when the separating parties do not expect to see one another again… almost never acknowledged. “Hasta luego” is the most commonly used parting sentiment, full of expectation that there will be a future reunion.

The current Central American illegal-migrant-child-crisis is one that warrants an “Adios.” Parents of these young travelers took a gamble, expecting it to reward legal status to their ultimately reunited families. No doubt they wished an “Hasta luego” on their children, just before handing them over to unpredictable Coyotes for transportation to the US-Mexico border. These parents didn’t expect a forever “Good bye”…they had hopes that they would be seeing their loved ones again soon.

I suspect that our President is gambling too. His risk-taking involves this influx of young dependency-minded humanity and the expansion of the Democrat Party’s future voter-base. He doesn’t seem to have any concern for the down-side that is growing daily. Thousands of young people have been separated from their families, and put at great risk, as they travel to our border, arriving as “orphans” in a strange land. Though their immediate security and future destinations are uncertain, these potential “losses” are ones Obama is willing to risk, while the diseased, homeless, parentless masses grow in numbers and in desperation.

Last week it was reported that Obama’s Homeland Security is rejecting private organizational assistance to these needy children. Democrats can’t risk having their newest inductees to the dependent-class introduced to the independent freedom-lovers of this country. Oh no, these future Democrat voters must not come into contact with a population, often Christian, that is capable of providing immediate security and an introduction to individual liberty and responsibility.

Conservative Talk Show host, Glenn Beck, is currently working on a one million dollar donation of goods to help these children throughout the country. He expects to be challenged at every turn, but is committed to this humanitarian cause.

Instead of assigning these innocent kids to the lowest levels of existence here in the US, I think it would be beautifully ironic for these new migrants to say “Good-bye” not only to those who sent them on this journey, but also to those who have plans to absorb them into political slavery. “You won’t be seeing me again”…that Adios would be very good for these kids!

After being integrated into conservative Christian homes, most often composed of responsible citizens who love democracy, these precious children will have the opportunity of their lifetimes…a shot at true freedom. An uniquely American freedom that liberates them both physically and intellectually. And as a bonus, would most likely produce future Republican voters!

“…they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” (Galatians 2:10/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.

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