No Thanks

King-Obama-273x300By: Susan Bea Good

As a child I was taught to be polite, using “Please” and “Thank you” when appropriate. If I preferred to decline an offer, I was to say “No, thank you.”

I have twenty years of experience with the “No, thanks” from Public School principals and administrators. Some were cooperative, and even encouraging, to the release-time Bible Clubs at their schools. But others were not happy with the potential controversy and extra effort required to obey our State laws regarding Religious Education.

In Michigan, parents have the right to “release” their Public School child from regular class time for up to two hours per week to attend “religious” classes. In the case of my organization, Bible Centered Ministries, the children were transported to nearby locations where they could be a part of Bible Club.

When faced with a refusal, I have always made an effort to inform authorities of the law, while at the same time proceeding to exercise my rights. There have been instances in my region when an entire District refused to allow our Clubs into their schools. This was illegal and, in my opinion, should have been fought. Sadly at times our organizational leadership has relented to a “No thanks” from lawless Administrators, waiting years until the anti-Bible Club climate changed.

Republicans are being faced with a similar choice now. Our lawless President and his Democrat followers are essentially saying a great big “No, Thank you”…to you and I!

The Constitution gives the power to the people…”We the people” are the law! Our votes are to be represented by the officials we elect. We don’t need to ask nicely for our rights to be observed. We must demand them!

In Michigan, Bible Clubs are a right! Any child may join one, if their parent has agreed. No school can prohibit either the Club or a child from this right!

In the US, every citizen has the right to be governed by the laws of the land. If we want them changed, we must vote. No one can prohibit us from exercising our rights…unless we stay silent, relenting to the pressure to cooperate with a government gone wild.

Americans are fighters! This is a great attribute, which should be utilized much more often. We naturally stand for what’s right and good. Lately we’ve acquiesced too often to political correctness, and allowed lawlessness to rule us, helplessly awaiting political and social climate change.

The President is saying “No thanks” to the American people’s votes. We must not allow him to disregard our voices. If he breaks the law, he must be held responsible, prosecuted, and removed from power. Impeachment is not necessary, just a relentless Conservative wave of lawfulness will do the job. And America will sigh in relief, with a big “Yes, thank you!”

“Therefore do not let what you know is good be spoken of as evil.” (Romans 14:16/NIV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.


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