Feliz Navidad

immigrant-children-at-night-apBy: Susan Bea Good

Tonight our President is expected to present an immigration-invitation to our southern border. His ten minute speech will be the equivalent of an early “Feliz Navidad” to thousands from Central America, as they will begin the trek to America, arriving in time for a Merry Christmas!

The underage illegal entrants will be met with free stuff. They will have their physical needs met. But many of these will be scarred for life from travel-traumas, and the upheaval from their families. Parents, so desperate to give their children a richer material life, actually put them at great risk physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Instead of facing these dark facts, and forcefully controlling this message, Obama has made things worse than ever before. If he announces any shade of “amnesty” tonight, the children will be on their way by tomorrow morning. Many of these travelers will be abused, and some will be killed before their trip is finished!

If you have contact with illegals living in this country you should know that every single one of them is vulnerable to abuse. Men, women, and children, all are weakened by their status and lack of education. They are easily preyed upon, by criminals and government. All are used to further someone’s agenda. What could possibly be Obama’s purpose for encouraging this flood of the ignorant and weak?…obviously, these are the constituents he prefers to rule.

The narcissistic basis for this impending immigration action is clearly the very worst of “What’s in it for me?” When the abuse of an entire people group becomes the last hope for a President’s Party to retain power, it is an incredibly sad time for all of us.

“…the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.

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