Grandparent’s Law

GrandparentsBy: Susan Bea Good

Ten years ago the local police formed a SWAT Team and broke through the front door of a relative’s home. They had been erroneously alerted of a possible crime in progress at that address. It was the wrong house, and my family member came very close to being shot at 2AM in his own home! The SWAT Sergeant was shaking as he expressed apologies and his relief that the family German Shepherd had been closed up in a bedroom at the time of the over-the-top police home invasion.

This incident did not occur in the inner city, it was on a peaceful country road in my small town in West Michigan. All who have heard this account have become more aware that Law Enforcement has the ability to kill!

I support Law Enforcement in their role as peace officers…with a duty “To Serve and Protect.” What I don’t support is any notion that men and women in these authoritative positions are infallible. There have been numerous cases in my conservative region where officers have been prosecuted for drunk driving, theft, child-molestation, controlled substance distribution, and other crimes. The Authorities are not perfect, and they should not be blindly trusted. That’s why I support citizen accountability review boards supervising local Law Enforcement.

Having said all that, I’d like to express my great appreciation for the often frustrating and dangerous work that these men and women do for my community. I support the Police and Sheriff’s Departments, and respect them for their sacrificial contribution to making our city safer.

Recent Grand Jury reviews of Police conduct, in Missouri and New York, have brought out the hate-filled rhetoric often heard when some segments of the public are instructed to believe that Law Enforcement is out to kill them! Certainly there are bad cops, but the vast majority are doing a great job as first responders to everyday injustices occurring all over America. Even the “haters” call 911 when they need help!

My personal remedy for this atmosphere of one-sided hatred for all things “Police,” is for grandparents to lay down the law. As a grandma myself, I have made it clear, to my family, local police, and several judges, that if a family member of mine commits a crime, I support the process of justice…even if it must come to my own front door! I’ve never provided cover for a criminal, lied to authorities, or pretended that responsibility lay with anyone other than the person who broke the law. I support the criminal justice system, and would even like it to respond sooner and harder to punish law breakers. I have personally seen the prolonged damage resulting from too many chances for the criminally intent. Both they and their victims would be better off if grandparents stopped supporting and sympathizing with bad behavior.

So, grandparents speak up! Demand that your grandchildren respect authority and obey the laws of our land. Do not make excuses for lawless family members, or stand in the way of them being held accountable for their actions. Jail is better than death! Don’t take any BS from those kids either! You know what’s right, make them understand that they will receive no cover-ups from you if they choose to do wrong.

Grandparents can work with law enforcement. They are a community asset, a tool to help you raise law abiding grandchildren to grow into respectable men and women. Our families and cities would be safer and healthier if more grandma’s and grandpa’s laid down the law!

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” (Proverbs 13:24/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it.

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