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21 More Martyrs

  By: Susan Bea Good Sickening! The horror has become really too much to be contained. ISIS has declared war  on civilization! This ISIS footage is the very worst ever seen! It was released today and is widely available. I warn … Continue reading

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First Class to Third World

  By: Susan Bea Good A few years ago Healing the Children called me with an urgent request, that I fly to Managua at the end of the week, stay overnight, and escort back a teenager in need of heart … Continue reading

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In this World

  By: Susan Bea Good Seminary Professor and author Mike Wittmer, hits hard on biblical truth, but not exclusively on sin and its judgment. He often focuses on the good stuff…like abundant life, here and for eternity! Eternity…we all know … Continue reading

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Adonai Eloheinu

  By: Susan Bea Good This week’s prayer breakfast in Washington featured our President’s inflammatory anti-Christ rhetoric. To sum him up, Christianity is as “good” and as “evil” as any other faith. His warped perspective is providing hours of commentary, … Continue reading

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