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Standing with Indiana Governor Mike Pence

By: Susan Bea Good 3-30-15 A friend is facing attacks, and it’s time to join him in the fight. Last week Governor Mike Pence signed a bill protecting the religious rights of the citizens of Indiana. Many states have approved … Continue reading

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Is Obamacare Better Than Nothing?

By: Susan Bea Good 3-25-15 Recently Senator Ted Cruz announced that he will soon be accessing the ACA for his family’s medical coverage. He stated, “It’s better than nothing.” Pretty much everyone has an opinion on why Cruz chose to … Continue reading

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Bad Trade Confirmed: Bergdahl a Deserter

By: Susan Bea Good 3-24-15 Army Sargent Bowe Bergdahl went from receiving a declaration from our Secretary of Defense that he served the US with “Honor and Distinction,” to charges of desertion and possible “Misbehavior Before the Enemy.” The last charge … Continue reading

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Obama’s Rage Against Netanyahu

By: Susan Bea Good This week Benjamin Netanyahu won his third term as Prime Minister of Israel with a resounding confirmation of support for his strong policies against the intentions of Iran…and Obama. Sources describe the President’s fury over his … Continue reading

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The Homosexual Harassment of the Homeland

By: Susan Bea Good Our children, bakers, photographers, HGTV hosts, adoption agencies, Christian ministries, and Conservative values organizations are a few of those harassed by the tactics of the “Perversion Promoters.” The homosexual harassment of America is in full gear. … Continue reading

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Deleting Hillary

By: Susan Bea Good Who’d a thunk it? Hillary Rodham Clinton was very close to achieving her highest goal, the Democrat nomination for President in 2016…AKA world ruler. But instead she may be permanently deleted…by her own hand! As FLOTUS … Continue reading

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Hate Filled Hearts

By: Susan Bea Good Earlier this year my 13 year old nephew was identified as a “ni**er.” His eighth grade class had been reading Huckleberry Finn. The teacher informed the class of the literary context of that demeaning racist label. … Continue reading

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