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Excruciatus: Crucifixion Death

By: Susan Bea Good 4-3-15 This is the day Christians commemorate the death of Jesus, remembering the gruesome crucifixion of our Savior. The Latin word for crucifixion is “excruciatus,” from which we derive the word excruciating. The method of death … Continue reading

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Modern American Slavery

By: Susan Bea Good 4-3-15 Marcella was complicit in the attempt to sell her teenaged son. Fifteen year old Carlos managed to escape, but he’s pretty mad at his parents right now! Illegal residents, for the past fifteen years, Marcella, … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy

By: Susan Bea Good It’s said that “the most dangerous enemy is the one you don’t recognize.” War has been declared! If you are a Christ-follower you must know that there are people who are intent on your destruction. If … Continue reading

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