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Some Can’t Tell Their Right From Their Left

By: Susan Bea Good 4-29-15 The Baltimore riots continued last night, with a general curfew of 10PM being broken, resulting in more clashes with police and National Guard troops. Broad blame is being offered for this spectacle of the breakdown … Continue reading

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Space to Destroy: SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Decision

By: Susan Bea Good 4-28-15 In Baltimore this weekend the “African-American” mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, declared that she was taking steps to safely permit angry Black mobs a “space to destroy.” Last night those mobs stepped out of their “space,” destroying the security … Continue reading

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Tough Guys Love God Too!

By: Susan Bea Good 4-23-15 “I love each of you, but it sucks what you’re doing!” is Brian Klawiter’s message to those in our culture who promote evil and call it good. Brian walks his talk. He’s a humble man, … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner’s Messy Journey into Madness

By: Susan Bea Good 1976 was an interesting year. Jimmy Carter became President, our nation celebrated its Bi-Centenial birthday, I graduated from High School, and Bruce Jenner became the Olympic Decathlon winner. The grueling two-day Decathlon competition includes the 100 meter … Continue reading

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When 2 Billion is Just Chump Change

By: Susan Bea Good The Clinton Foundation for Global Initiative has accepted 2 billion in worldwide donations. That’s an enormous balance for a young “charity” with unclear objectives, but it’s just chump change when compared to the trillions expected in … Continue reading

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We Need a Divergent Leader

By: Susan Bea Good 4-7-15 This afternoon I took my daughter and niece to see the movie “Insurgent.” The characters reminded me of many of the Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race. This Sunday “Erudite”* Ben Carson’s Facebook page … Continue reading

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Excruciatus: Crucifixion Death

By: Susan Bea Good 4-3-15 This is the day Christians commemorate the death of Jesus, remembering the gruesome crucifixion of our Savior. The Latin word for crucifixion is “excruciatus,” from which we derive the word excruciating. The method of death … Continue reading

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