Lying Up Loose Ends

Clinton Testi-lying at today's Benghazi Committee Hearing

Clinton Testi-lying at today’s Benghazi Committee Hearing

By: Susan Bea Good

Hillary Rodham Clinton sat in the hot seat for nearly eight hours today at the seventh investigation, but perhaps the first genuine attempt, into the truth about Benghazi. Her ability to deflect and depress truth is legendary, and she surely expects this inquiry to result in the same.

“The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”…Congressman Elijah Cummings’ strange opening words are meaningless when applied to Hillary Clinton. We can be sure that she will “handle” each and every inquiry as if she were a part of OJ Simpson’s defense Team. Her culpability and guilt is certain, but her conviction is anything but.

In Ms. Clinton’s opening remarks she claims to “honor” the fallen soldiers of Benghazi, yet she refused their desperate requests for military support while they fought alone all night, in the end dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

She claims to have “known and loved” Ambassador Chris Stevens…yet she denied him security for months, and may have even watched him, in real time, die a brutal death on September 11, 2012.

Clinton’s opening remarks continued on as she claimed that all American deaths during her tenure as Secretary of State were “deeply painful” to her, yet she continued to practice “smart power” diplomacy instead of utilizing our capable military might.

When at last opening remarks were finished Congressman Trey Gowdy introduced his hope that questions would be answered thoroughly but directly. Despite all efforts to undermine the discovery of truth, some truth was found.

Clinton Team Obfuscation Attempts:

  1. I took responsibility, however President Obama was ultimately responsible for our policy in Libya.
  2. Our Arab partners failed us.
  3. The “host country” (Libya) failed to protect our diplomat.
  4. Libyans were unable, because of their culture, to accept our help in their country.
  5. The Admirals did it!
  6. I wouldn’t “second guess” military advisors.
  7. It was Charlene Lamb who denied requests for additional Benghazi security.
  8. I never saw any Benghazi security requests.
  9. My “signature” was stamped on State Department documents without my knowledge.
  10. Republican congressional budget uncertainties “stalked us.” Yet I was able to find 20 million dollars in the State Department budget to support security requests from the Libyan government.
  11. Ambassador Stevens was conducting “Expeditionary Diplomacy” (AKA risky-reconnaissance).
  12. Collecting weapons and disarming militias was our work in Libya. (Say what?!)
  13. We were relying on Chris Stevens to tell us what to do.
  14. There was never a recommendation to leave Benghazi.
  15. Diplomats choose to take risks.
  16. Our diplomats are “armed” with words and principles.
  17. Let’s “learn from the mistakes.”
  18. The State Department did not have cooperation from Department of Defense.
  19. It’s very challenging to get military assets into countries that don’t want them there.
  20. We “couldn’t” post our own military in Libya.
  21. I knew exactly what we were doing in Libya! (Oops)
  22. I can’t speak to what my staff said in e-mails if they contradict me!
  23. Who are the names on those e-mails?…They were not on my staff!
  24. I have no recollection of, or knowledge of…
  25. I don’t recall…
  26. I know nothing about that meeting…
  27. I think what’s important is…
  28. I get what you’re saying but…
  29. I don’t think that’s a relevant question…
  30. The attack in Benghazi would have been very difficult to repel.
  31. This obsession with e-mails is not helpful or fair.
  32. 4.7 million tax payer dollars are being wasted on this investigation, but 5 million to train five Syrian rebels is responsible.
  33. This Committee has learned nothing new and should never have been formed!
  34. Even on the morning of the attack there was no credible information of an imminent attack.
  35. I trusted the “experts” who made the security assessments.
  36. No one ever came to me and said, “We should shut down our compound in Benghazi.”
  37. We had an “agreement” with the CIA to assist if needed. No, it was not in writing.
  38. The agreement we had with the CIA annex was just “not enough.”
  39. Some requests for security in Libya were not approved…
  40. But remember that we were relying on the Ambassador to tell us what to do.
  41. “Someone” from an earlier “investigation” said we “followed the law.”
  42. I ignore people I don’t like.
  43. I like Sid Blumenthal! He gives me lots of great advice.
  44. Sid Blumenthal was not my advisor. He was just a friend trying to be helpful, though mostly he was not.
  45. I received information regarding security in Libya from numerous sources, but I ignored them all!
  46. Even though you got my e-mails, you still don’t know everything!
  47. You won’t find all of my State Department dealings in those e-mails!
  48. On the night of the Benghazi attacks I immediately tried to cover up all of the failures of my Department.
  49. I was deeply distressed when I discovered that key people died and I was going to be in some real deep cr*p!
  50. Even Gen. David Patraeus is on my side.
  51. I’m being as transparent as a life long liar can be.
  52. I take responsibility for any inconsistencies that can be proven.
  53. I was fully engaged on the night of the Benghazi attack.
  54. The “video” narrative was a brilliant idea that my experienced State Department Press Secretary Victoria Newland announced publicly after the deadly Benghazi attack.
  55. I confirmed the “video” theory on September 11, even before the attacks in Benghazi were over, because I thought it might fly as an explanation for the attack.
  56. My video story was not a “lie,” it was a “warning” to others in the area who might have thought they could take advantage of us.
  57. I needed to be talking about the video so that our friends in the area would get a heads up on potential dangers.
  58. To this day I believe the “video” played a part in the attack in Benghazi.
  59. It’s really unfair for you Republicans to keep bringing up the “video!”
  60. I like to make statements (a la Brian Williams) which suggest that I am seriously engaged, though I don’t take other’s lives into account when I do.
  61. Every chance that I get I am going to praise “the brave men and women of our military and foreign services” to deflect from the damaging facts your questions are revealing.
  62. Chris Stevens was allowed to communicate with members of my staff.
  63. If Ambassador Stevens really wanted to get ahold of me he knew how to “pull my levers.”
  64. Chris Stevens did not get my personal attention, even when he was desperate for added security.
  65. Ambassador Stevens did not have my personal e-mail, phone, or direct contact information, but he was my friend and I loved him.
  66. My toothy-smiling is the result of what I’m reading in the sweet notes that my former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills hands me about every half hour.
  67. I have to chuckle as I am reminded (in Cheryl’s note) that Chris Stevens made a request to purchase used barricades for the compound that was insecure.
  68. The “Safe room” was anything but safe because I had refused upgrades to the physical security of the compound.
  69. We hoped against hope that Ambassador Stevens would be found alive, but alas hope doesn’t stop terrorists with RPGs.
  70. It was horrified to discover that what we thought was safe enough was in fact not!
  71. Notice that I am appropriately “weepy” when describing the sequence of events that led to Ambassador Stevens’ death.
  72. I did not need to speak to survivors of the Benghazi attacks.
  73. I am displaying immense patience with you “partisan” Republicans. I find it beneath me to even look at you when you’re asking me questions!
  74. My reaction to the death of Gaddafi was, “We came, we saw, he died.” The death of Gaddaffi signified the end of our military efforts in that Middle Eastern country.
  75. After Gaddafi’s removal I planned to seize all the credit for the “smart power” (Clinton Doctrine) diplomatic policy success in Libya.
  76. I was OK with resorting to using my feminine pleas for assistance, for example, to acquire security from Tunisia’s President to save the lives of American Embassy staff and the vulnerable children at the American School in Tunisia.
  77. These are the tense and scary kinds of incidences Americans face when we choose to rely on foreign governments to keep us safe from terrorists. But my “Clinton Doctrine” policy of smart power is worth the risk. (see #60)
  78. Our security professionals didn’t get it right…
  79. We can learn from their failures.
  80. Being Secretary of State is a big job, a lot of the time I didn’t feel like doing it.
  81. I’m a former lawyer and well aware that every document that originated from my State Department was CLASSIFIED! However, I like to publicly frame it this way, “Not all of my documents were “marked” classified, because I know that most of my supporters are ignorant and apathetic and do not know or care if I am a liar and a derelict government official who should NEVER hold a public office again!
  82. Though I seem like a cold heartless creature, I really do care. Really I do!
  83. I appreciate Republican Congress persons’ expressions of strong feelings about the risk level Chris Stevens experienced in Benghazi in 2012.
  84. My e-mail problem is not my fault.
  85. The State Department did things with my e-mail that I was not aware of.
  86. That was a very long question…the one about whether I knew about transferring arms to Libyan rebels.
  87. I just perjured myself when I stated I did not know anything about the arming of rebels!

Investigative Truth Results:

  1. The chief architect of the US Libya policy was Hillary Clinton. Success of her “Clinton Doctrine” was meant to propel her into the highest national leadership position.
  2. In 2011 there were 795 State Department e-mails regarding Libya. Daily, and even hourly, updates on the situation occurred during that year as Gaddafi was removed.
  3. The 2012 e-mail numbers regarding Libya were drastically lessened, indicating a great reduction in State Department “interest” in the Libya status, though the situation on the ground was growing more dangerous than ever.
  4. The Clinton State Department ignored repeated calls for more security in Libya.
  5. The Secretary of State was the cause of the confusion and uncertainty with America’s Libya policy after 2011.
  6. Benghazi personel were known to the State Department to be on “lock down” in early 2011, due to a dangerous lack of security.
  7. Hillary Clinton “knew exactly what we were doing in Libya”…
  8. Though “knowing,” Hillary did nothing!
  9. After the fall of Gaddaffi Hillary’s Libya plan was “being debated.”
  10. The American Ambassador in Libya did not get the security that he requested.
  11. 4500 pages of intelligence on Libya kept Ms. Clinton “up to speed” on the increasingly dangerous upsurge of military activity in Libya.
  12. Clinton acknowledges she was aware of two attacks on the Benghazi compound before Sept.11, 2012. There had actually been twenty documented attacks on the facility in 2012.
  13. Sidney Blumenthal is a much closer “friend” to Hillary Clinton than was Chris Stevens.
  14. No one has been fired since the State Department’s failure of Benghazi.
  15. Benghazi security requests totaled over 600 in the year before the Benghazi attack.
  16. Increase in security, even after 600 requests, was non-existent.
  17. Weeks, and again just days, before the deadly Benghazi attacks Clinton’s “Team” at the State Department was meeting with one of the men who was later identified to be involved in the attack!
  18. Greg Hicks immediately confirmed there was no protest on the ground because of a video!
  19. Ms. Clinton knew immediately on September 11, 2012 that the attack in Benghazi was at the hands of an Al Qaeda group, and not a spontaneous village protest over an anti-Muslim video.
  20. Clinton’s State Department knew the Benghazi Consulate was a “soft target.”
  21. Sidney Blumenthal was unofficially and inappropriately involved with Clinton’s State Department business.
  22. Huma Abedin’s international shopping list e-mails were answered by Hillary within four minutes. While Ambassador Chris Stevens’ e-mails about life and death were redirected to Sid Blumenthal for political assessment.
  23. All of Ambassador Stevens’ e-mails are still not in the hands of the Benghazi Committee.
  24. There were five “robust” American security personnel who were armed on the night of Sept.11. But they were unable to defend the compound due to a lack of security positions caused by a lack of barriers and security borders around the Annex.
  25. The FEST (Foreign Emergency Support Team) stationed in Tanzania was not sent to Benghazi during the attack.
  26. Hillary Clinton went home as usual the night of the Benghazi attacks, and came back to the office at her regular time the next morning without contacting any other officials about the ongoing struggle in Libya.
  27. Before the attack in Benghazi was even over Sec. Clinton raised the topic of a protest over a “video.” At the same time she shared e-mails with family that the attack was a well planned Al Qaeda-like attack.
  28. Clinton’s State Department violated US government guidelines for Embassy-Abmassador security.
  29. It’s taken almost 5 million dollars and seventeen months, as well as over forty witnesses to get to the truth about Hillary Clinton’s State Department failure in Benghazi.
  30. Being questioned by this House Committee for almost eight hours is not comparable to standing on a rooftop in Benghazi fighting for one’s life against RPG attacks.
  31. The following Proverbial abominations seem custom made for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” (Proverbs 6:16-19/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it. Adonai Eloheinu!

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  2. Brittius says:

    Time to present evidence and testimony to a federal grand jury. Undoubtedly, there will be a True Bill, returned against Hillary R. Clinton, on the Benghazi case, alone.

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