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Millions Raised for Non-Muslim Rescue

By: Susan Bea Good In just three months Glen Beck’s Nazarene Fund has raised 12 million dollars to rescue Christians┬áliving under persecution in Muslim countries. These “vetted” Christian Middle Easterners are being relocated in European communities, as the US will … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Hollow Heart

By: Susan Bea Good Six inches of first-snow is expected tonight in my “neck of the woods” here in Southwest Michigan. My car tires needed replacing before the storm, so yesterday I squeezed in a late afternoon appointment at the … Continue reading

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Rottweilers and Muslims

By: Susan Bea Good Anthony Riggs had a good heart, he was drawn to help the needy. His widow calls him, “A loving man, and a good person with animals…he didn’t deserve to die the way that he did.” Tony … Continue reading

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Mercy for Charlie, Not ISIS

By: Susan Bea Good Liberal leaders worldwide insist that the “West” created the murderous Islamic State (ISIS). They claim it’s our fault when Muslims kill with bombs, bullets, knives, fire, rope, water, and hammers. They insist that terrorists, like those … Continue reading

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Did God Do That? The Sovereignty of the Creator

By: Susan Bea Good Have you ever been “hit” so hard it seemed you could not recover? The first of those experiences for me was at the tender age of eight. The next was a series of hits involving my … Continue reading

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Obama Bumper Stickers

By: Susan Bea Good I’m one of those people who have a negative reaction to the sight of an Obama bumper sticker. But today I came across a Hyundai Sonata full of “Obama” stickers that made me smile, and snap … Continue reading

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