Obama Bumper Stickers

Obama Bumper Stickers

By: Susan Bea Good

I’m one of those people who have a negative reaction to the sight of an Obama bumper sticker. But today I came across a Hyundai Sonata full of “Obama” stickers that made me smile, and snap a photo.

“Obama, why stupid people shouldn’t vote.”

“Obama, worst President ever!”

“And we thought Carter sucked.”

“I’m not a racist, I don’t like Obama’s white half either.”

“That Obama sticker on your car might as well say, ‘I’m stupid.'”

“Still support Obama? How stupid are you?”

“Coward! You left them there to die in Benghazi!”

Though our nation must officially endure another fourteen months of “Obama,” it seems he’s already been relegated to an inconsequential status. The damage he has done to our country, and the world, may never be repaired, but at least the man is far less visible these days.

With tremendous effort we may someday overcome Obama’s homosexualizing of America, his lust for aborting the unborn, his crushing financial policies, his dismantling of the military, and his hateful racial polarization.

My hope is that “we shall overcome” the Obama years. It may take decades, but if God blesses us with wise leaders perhaps we will turn our nation around.

“Without wise leadership, a nation falls…” (Proverbs 11:14/NLT)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it. Adonai Eloheinu!


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