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How to Start a Bible Club: Look for the Bikes

By: Susan Bea Good How to start a Bible Club: Listen for God’s instructions. Answer “Yes.” Do the next obvious thing. Wait for His timing to move forward. Respond immediately when God opens the doors. It’s as easy as that!…and … Continue reading

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Sometimes Winners Turn Out to Be Losers

By: Susan Bea Good Last night I caught the last minutes of the Miss Universe Pageant, hosted by comedian Steve Harvey. The long awaited moment had arrived. The two finalists, Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia, stood shoulder to shoulder as … Continue reading

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Encourage One Another- After Taking the Log Out

By: Susan Bea Good Winter Jam is starting its 2016 tour very soon. It’s a terrific sampling of  contemporary Christian music bands. Their local Facebook page offers a space for fans to interact. I looked in this week and found a … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz: Has the Force Awakened?

By: Susan Bea Good The newest Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens,” opens in theaters this Friday. I purchased online tickets yesterday to ensure seats at the first 9AM showing. The Star Wars series began thirty eight years ago. Since then … Continue reading

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Islam is Neither Peaceful Nor a Religion

By: Susan Bea Good A Messianic Jew (born-again Christ-follower) and a “religious Muslim” argued recently about whether Islam is a “religion of peace.” That exchange may have provided the sick justification for a Muslim couple’s rage, resulting in the murders … Continue reading

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Two More Jihadis Join Muhammad in Hell

By: Susan Bea Good New parents, 28 year old Zyed Farook and his wife 27 year old Tashfeen Malik, were ushered into Islamic Paradise yesterday afternoon, leaving behind their infant daughter. Their murderous mission was inspired, and in fact commanded, … Continue reading

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