4 AM Calls are Always Interesting

4 am

By: Susan Bea Good

Last month I did some pre-Christmas cleaning, which resulted in posting items to sell on Craigslist. Days later my cell phone rang at 4 AM. Calls at that hour usually signal bad news, so of course I answered immediately. The caller asked if I still had a particular item for sale. I asked if he realized the time, he responded with, “My mom said that if you want something you must call right away.”

After too many minutes of interaction with this man I determined he was probably of the type I would call a “Freddy’s Friend.” I’m involved with a Bible Camp that designates two weeks each summer for adult mentally impaired campers. Those special weeks feature a puppet named Freddy, who is everyone’s friend. Campers may be referred to as Freddy’s friends.

So, a possible Freddy’s friend and I continued to converse about my CL item, how he would use an UBER for transportation to my house, who his favorite teacher was at the High School he graduated from in ’79, and his desire to have a picture of me- after asking if I was pretty. (No, I didn’t tell him that I was pretty!) In fact I warned him that if he came to buy my item I’d be carrying my 350 Magnum. Without missing a beat he offered to bring his AR-15! When I laughed and pointed out that it would be hard to conceal such a big gun, he offered, “I’m a big guy…grrrrr!”

I’ll admit that throughout this wierd 4 AM conversation I considered hanging up many times. But I wanted to confirm that this was indeed a harmless friend-of-Freddy, and not a serial killer. I finally did end the call by promising to call back later to set a meet-up spot near him. Calling his number many times the next day, I had a plan that when he answered I would immediately demand to speak to his mom. I figured that if this guy was still living with his mom in his fifties he was most probably harmless. However, he never answered the phone. So the danger level of my mystery caller remains unidentified.

The next week I donated all of my CL items to a second-hand shop that supports research for a cure for Alzheimer’s.

I’m not sure this blog posting can “encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it,” but I missed posting last week, and this is what I have to share today.


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