On S. 306, You Have The Right To Your Opinion, But Not Your Own Facts


More than a dozen parents have emailed me in the last week or so about articles written by two activists regarding US Senate bill 306.  I’m tired of repeating myself in email, so I decided to write this article. For the record, those two activists are Anita Hoge and Alice Linahan.

I had quite a lot of respect for these two ladies. They fight the good fight and there is usually something useful in their observations. However, in the last month, that respect has been wiped out.

It’s not just that they are attacking Ted Cruz, whom I openly support, but I’m weary of their constant ranting all over Facebook and Twitter about something that just isn’t so. If going for the level of saturation that makes those who follow you want to unfollow you was your goal — you made it!

The flavor of these articles is that there…

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