Smiling Bigly this Morning


By: Susan Bea Good

“…for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.” (Proverbs 24:20/ESV)

When my first daughter was a young girl she once asked for “toast, not cooked.” After questioning her I discovered she really wanted bread, not toast. The memory still makes me smile and also reminds me of the definition of “toast.”

Yesterday I realized Trump is toast!  He’s cooked himself with an accumulation of burning remarks made throughout the past year. His racist “Mexican” rant last week led to the slow down of the Trump train to a point where any who still have sense are jumping off.

This fact has put a huge smile on my face today- you could say I’m smiling “bigly.” This expression erupted in full force as I witnessed Trump’s carefully written teleprompter speech last night, flanked my his frantic-eyed females all but mouthing the words to come next. Trump left the prompter a few times, and in one of those reality star moments he again used his own special childish adverb.

Donald Trump’s presumptive position as the nominee we all “must vote for in order to stop Hillary” is over! Hallelujah, Praise to Yahweh!…but don’t stop praying just yet. The Republican Party establishment has not yet disembarked their own train to destruction. They will need yet to disavow the con-man and clarify themselves and their upcoming convention. A conscience-vote is what’s needed in July.

I will not stop praying that my country and my Party stand firmly against evil. Conservatives are not responsible for the evil in Hillary Clinton. We can fight a President Hillary. But God help us if we put a President Trump into leadership. We would not be able to fight him, and worse- he would be our evil!

This blogger’s hope is to be an encouragement to Christ-followers as they see God’s Big Picture and intentionally participate in it. Adonai Eloheinu!

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