An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Byron Harvey

Dear Mr. Falwell,

I watched with interest your glowing introduction of Donald Trump on Monday, particularly given your admission that Mr. Trump “reminds (you) of (your) father”, because “he says what he thinks no matter what anybody cares.” I can identify, to a point: my father taught me by example to stand for truth regardless of the opinions of others (that said, were anyone to compare my dear father to Trump, I’d be tempted to deliver a punch to the mouth). Because of this, I was interested to see how you, in a position of leading thousands of young evangelical students, would speak of this man.

Mr. Falwell, you failed those students, and that very badly.

We live, as you should know, in an age of tremendous ignorance of the Bible, and you are entrusted with leading a school whose mission should be to equip young people to handle the…

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