Mysticism, We Don’t Need You

Excellent description of the dangers of Mysticism showing up throughout our “Christian” world.

Wise in His Eyes

And we don’t want you, either.

You masquerade as ancient wisdom, a long-lost treasure dug up by our spiritual superiors to “wake” us from our dull and lifeless Christianity. These archaeologists-of-sortsprofess Christ, yet have mastered the art of repackaging paganism and selling it as bonafide biblical practice. They assure us that God is waiting for us… just on the other side of this little door, and all we have to do to truly meet with Him (because really, we’re missing out) is to carefully follow the steps oftheir Christianized (but actuallyBuddhist/Hindu) rituals.

And in the event that one of their readers happens to use discernment and sees through their deception, they sprinkle on some Bible verses for good measure–cherry-picked, out of context, and usually in a loose “translation” that tries to makeGod’s Word fit their sales pitch.

Sound familiar?

Mysticism is nothing new. In fact, it is one of…

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