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What in the World is God Doing?

  By: Susan Bea Good “…for we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthian 5:7/ESV) With just 63 days left before voting is finalized for this season’s national elections Socialist Liberal Democrats seem settled on their candidate, but Conservative Christian Republican … Continue reading

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Guns and Gays

By: Susan Bea Good “An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule at their direction; my people love to have it so, but what will you do when the end … Continue reading

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God Made Two Perfectly Good Genders

By: Susan Bea Good “Good sense is a fountain of life to him who has it, but the instruction of fools is folly.” (Proverbs 16:22/ESV) The Proverbs of Holy Scripture are insightful, instructive, and inspired. They provide a wealth of wisdom … Continue reading

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The Pagans Have Declared War!

By: Susan Bea Good After forty years of legalized abortion and today’s ruling on same sex marriage, there can be no denying that this nation has become pagan! Some of us saw this day coming and were ready. For those who … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Overload

By: Susan Bea Good 6-24-15 Yesterday I was bullied by an overtly gay clerk at a retail store. An hour later I withdrew cash from my Chase ATM and was directed by their onscreen advertising to acknowledge the LGBTQ community. … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner’s Softest Side

By: Susan Bea Good 6-1-15 Bruce Jenner is spiritually sick, as his cover photo for Vanity Fair magazine proves, “Caitlyn” is very seriously confused. In the US, a prospective surgical-transexual is required to undergo psychological counseling to determine their candidacy for … Continue reading

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Who Doesn’t Respect Transgenders?

By: Susan Bea Good 5-21-15 I guess that would be me. A transgender-blogger recently referred to me as, “Susan (who) shows little sympathy or understanding for trans women…” Previously I was “Susan, whose mother has rejected her brother who is … Continue reading

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