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Ted Cruz: Has the Force Awakened?

By: Susan Bea Good The newest Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens,” opens in theaters this Friday. I purchased online tickets yesterday to ensure seats at the first 9AM showing. The Star Wars series began thirty eight years ago. Since then … Continue reading

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Ignorant of Hillary?

By: Susan Bea Good 5-15-15 Every week there seems to be a new poll showing continued support for Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. When stacked up against Conservatives she consistently pulls in 50% of respondents. At the same time polls … Continue reading

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Seasonal Hardship

 By: Susan Bea Good Travel has been treacherous in Michigan this winter. It’s still early in the season but we have already experienced numerous multiple vehicle pileups on main travel routes. Last week a freak accident resulted when a family van, … Continue reading

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