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I’ve Changed My Mind on Trump

By: Susan Bea Good “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him.” (Proverbs 22:15/ESV) Today I’ve realized that the majority of my neighbors, friends, and family are Trump … Continue reading

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Putting the Big Rock In First

By: Susan Bea Good The “Big Rocks” concept describes a vessel filled to its limit with large and small elements, all fitting together due to the order of their entry. For the individual who desires a full and satisfying spiritual life the … Continue reading

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Did God Do That? The Sovereignty of the Creator

By: Susan Bea Good Have you ever been “hit” so hard it seemed you could not recover? The first of those experiences for me was at the tender age of eight. The next was a series of hits involving my … Continue reading

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The Cost of Being a Child of God

By: Susan Bea Good When my two sons were young we had a Friday tradition. After school we’d stop at The Little Sack (a nearby convenience store) where I would allow them to go in without me to spend some … Continue reading

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Christians Blew It!

By: Susan Bea Good “Christians blew it,” says Mike Farris from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The non-believing public has always been accepting of evils like abortion, blasphemy, secularism, pornography, and homosexuality. But it’s the apathy, compromise, delay and … Continue reading

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No Apologies for Biblical Apologetics

By: Susan Bea Good As the number of my Facebook friends covering their faces with rainbows rises, so does my anxiety over the gay-marriage issue. I don’t like confrontation, I don’t want people to be unhappy with me, and I … Continue reading

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Hate Filled Hearts

By: Susan Bea Good Earlier this year my 13 year old nephew was identified as a “ni**er.” His eighth grade class had been reading Huckleberry Finn. The teacher informed the class of the literary context of that demeaning racist label. … Continue reading

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Adonai Eloheinu

  By: Susan Bea Good This week’s prayer breakfast in Washington featured our President’s inflammatory anti-Christ rhetoric. To sum him up, Christianity is as “good” and as “evil” as any other faith. His warped perspective is providing hours of commentary, … Continue reading

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