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What in the World is God Doing?

  By: Susan Bea Good “…for we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthian 5:7/ESV) With just 63 days left before voting is finalized for this season’s national elections Socialist Liberal Democrats seem settled on their candidate, but Conservative Christian Republican … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Hollow Heart

By: Susan Bea Good Six inches of first-snow is expected tonight in my “neck of the woods” here in Southwest Michigan. My car tires needed replacing before the storm, so yesterday I squeezed in a late afternoon appointment at the … Continue reading

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Christians Blew It!

By: Susan Bea Good “Christians blew it,” says Mike Farris from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The non-believing public has always been accepting of evils like abortion, blasphemy, secularism, pornography, and homosexuality. But it’s the apathy, compromise, delay and … Continue reading

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When Does A Sinner Become Evil?

By: Susan Bea Good 5-27-15 The Association of Biblical Counselors has come out with a checklist to differentiate between the “ordinary sinner” and one who is “evil.” In His Word God identifies some men as evil…these are His judgment calls. … Continue reading

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 By: Susan Bea Good Ignorance, appeasement, cowardice, political correctness, peer pressure, and outright bullying, are forcing their way onto the world stage, unleashing their “moonbattery” on us all. Moonbattery is the “felonious assault from stupid Liberal ideas…the grotesquely pathological condition of … Continue reading

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Asaph’s Call to Action

By: Susan Bea Good Are you frustrated with evil that seems overwhelming? A biblical writer of a dozen Psalms, expressed strong frustration…with evil, and God! Asaph…was an old man, of perhaps one hundred, when God used him to contribute to the … Continue reading

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