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God Made Two Perfectly Good Genders

By: Susan Bea Good “Good sense is a fountain of life to him who has it, but the instruction of fools is folly.” (Proverbs 16:22/ESV) The Proverbs of Holy Scripture are insightful, instructive, and inspired. They provide a wealth of wisdom … Continue reading

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The Badger’s Lookin’ for a Shave Tonight

By: Susan Bea Good A while ago I came across a political poster decrying the agony many of us feel when listening to President Barak Obama’s speeches. The visual was of an angry badger, and the caption indicated that it … Continue reading

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Encourage One Another- After Taking the Log Out

By: Susan Bea Good Winter Jam is starting its 2016 tour very soon. It’s a terrific sampling of  contemporary Christian music bands. Their local Facebook page offers a space for fans to interact. I looked in this week and found a … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty Under Attack

By: Susan Bea Good “Keep your religion in the church building!” This sentiment is exposed in recent court rulings. From the Supreme Court to District Courts, religious liberty is being trampled in America. A June Christianity Today article bemoaned the … Continue reading

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Fighting For You, Not Against You!

By: Susan Bea Good Abortion shreds lives, both the baby’s and the parents’. Islam hates God, and aims to eliminate His people. Homosexuality spreads disease, depression, and societal destruction. These observations are objective, truthful, and unpopular. But if you are … Continue reading

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No Apologies for Biblical Apologetics

By: Susan Bea Good As the number of my Facebook friends covering their faces with rainbows rises, so does my anxiety over the gay-marriage issue. I don’t like confrontation, I don’t want people to be unhappy with me, and I … Continue reading

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The True Significance of the Rainbow

By: Susan Bea Good 6-29-15 Last week the White house lit up with rainbow colors, as did numerous business outlets; Overstock, Facebook, WordPress, Chase Banks, Target, K-Mart, Ben and Jerry, Panera, U Tube, Uber, Delta, Skittles, Totinos Pizza, Honey Made … Continue reading

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