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The Badger’s Lookin’ for a Shave Tonight

By: Susan Bea Good A while ago I came across a political poster decrying the agony many of us feel when listening to President Barak Obama’s speeches. The visual was of an angry badger, and the caption indicated that it … Continue reading

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Millions Raised for Non-Muslim Rescue

By: Susan Bea Good In just three months Glen Beck’s Nazarene Fund has raised 12 million dollars to rescue Christians living under persecution in Muslim countries. These “vetted” Christian Middle Easterners are being relocated in European communities, as the US will … Continue reading

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Obama Bumper Stickers

By: Susan Bea Good I’m one of those people who have a negative reaction to the sight of an Obama bumper sticker. But today I came across a Hyundai Sonata full of “Obama” stickers that made me smile, and snap … Continue reading

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Flight 93 Mentality

By: Susan Bea Good On September 11, 2001 Islamists attacked America. Four commercial airplanes were highjacked to be used as missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One of these planes, American Flight 93, Newark to San Francisco, … Continue reading

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Teh’chi Yisrael…Israel lives!

By: Susan Bea Good “We have, we are, and we will!” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the UN today offering assurances regarding his nation’s commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Interjecting a 45 second “death stare” … Continue reading

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De-Constructive Behavior

By: Susan Bea Good 5-12-15 Last year President Obama gave a speech encouraging Ferguson Missouri protestors to engage in “constructive behavior,” instead of burning down their community. Last month parts of Baltimore Maryland were devastated by the same type of … Continue reading

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Bad Trade Confirmed: Bergdahl a Deserter

By: Susan Bea Good 3-24-15 Army Sargent Bowe Bergdahl went from receiving a declaration from our Secretary of Defense that he served the US with “Honor and Distinction,” to charges of desertion and possible “Misbehavior Before the Enemy.” The last charge … Continue reading

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