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Look For a Soft Shoulder: Steering Clear of a Double-Minded Man

By: Susan Bea Good “When going downhill, and a large truck, with white smoke coming out from underneath, is fast approaching from behind, you should_______________.” (bad grammar and punctuation in original) The written exam for Part 1 of our State … Continue reading

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Following A Real Friend

By: Susan Bea Good Claudia was a missionary to Bolivia, who kept her strong Texas accent even after living thirty years in the Andes Mountains. This single woman turned down many proposals of marriage, including one from a surgeon in … Continue reading

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Who Are You Calling Stupid?

By: Susan Bea Good On Mondays I teach an Elementary Spanish class. This week, one of my second grade students offered to share with the class the two new vocabulary words he had learned independently…stupido, and idioto! Needless to say, … Continue reading

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Wisdom’s Worth

By: Susan Bea Good Any intelligent person can obtain knowledge…for a price. Wisdom comes only from God…it is His gift…only for the humble…who are then able to understanding His ways. Donna, a recent caller to Dan Celia’s Financial Issues radio … Continue reading

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